I am John, a designer who creates self-explanatory products based on empathy with people. Currently, I am focused on advancing the healthcare experience through technology at Roche.
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Good design makes a product understandable
- Dieter Rams
I believe a good product explains itself to the people who make them or who consume them. I always strive to throw ceaseless whys to catch a silver lining on what it means to us and how it should deliver its values.
Jihoon Na
UX Director
Since joining our group, Jongyeon has participated in various consulting projects as a core member and has been highly recognized for his professional excellence. For the past years, although he was responsible for multiple daunting tasks, his unwavering commitment to achieving goals has been a great example to other members of the consulting headquarters including myself. As a person who has witnessed his competencies and attitudes, I am convinced that there are infinite possibilities for his future development.
Eunji Bae
Senior UX Designer
I worked with Jongyeon at VinylC for three years. Over the years, he participated in various projects such as industries like commerce, communications, and finance which might have given him the experience to learn about the entire UX process. He was the most enthusiastic person that I have ever worked with. He always tried to produce high quality outcomes, with the willingness to cooperate with his colleagues. I recommend him to companies looking for a person who attempts to make a better user experience.
Binna Yu
Senior UX Designer
He is one of the most resourceful, tenacious, and effective creative people I know. He proved himself to be efficient in planning, punctual in meeting deadlines, and creative in problem-solving. He is an extremely talented and skilled UX/UI designer. He's meticulous in all sides of design and can solve the toughest of interaction challenges. Both conceptual and pragmatic in his creative approach, he combines skills in visual design and graphics with an intuitive understanding of user experience. He did a great job as a UX/UI designer at Vinyl C.
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